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Canonical Models


I have vested quiet some time  researching on Canonical Models lately. It has caught my attention since I see a lot enterprises drifting towards opting canonical models as a solution for integration needs. It definitively nails the problem down provided applied to the right situations and in the right way.


For a briefer on this subject, we know that a lot of organizations around the world work today by talking to several legacy applications, third party systems, B2B feeds and so on which only grows considering the business and technological enhancements needs. To add on that, all these systems understand their own language, format and data. This brings along various transformations between all the participants, varying models, changes and other booby traps in order to establish a successful communication!

Is there a way to simplify this all? Yes, canonical models is the solution out there for these demanding situations. What are these? How can they be applied? When should they be applied? What sort of analysis should be done? What are the technological and functional requirements? Are there any tools to help ease the entire process? Well, I know the list of questions can only grow.

I have done quiet some research on this and spoke to subject matter experts from various corners from business to technical backgrounds. The end result was quiet convincing and extremely appealing which for sure is no cake walk. I will be publishing a book on this soon. Watch out for the article and let me know what you all would like to see in it?