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Ant Installation & Configuration



At the time of this post, the latest stable version available form Apache is 1.7. Older releases of Ant can be found here. Old releases are only provided as zip archives that can be extracted by jar xf Its highly recommend to not use old releases but upgrade to Ant’s latest release.

Ant 1.5.4 is the last release that supports JDK 1.1, Ant 1.6.0 onwards requires JDK 1.2 or later. There will be no other compatibility issues with Java versions otherwise. Current version of Ant i.e., 1.7, requires JDK version 1.2 or later, 1.5 or later is strongly recommended. Latest the version of Java is, the more Ant tasks you get. If a JDK is not present, and only JRE is present, then many tasks will not work.


Follow the steps below to download, install and configure Ant : Read more…