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Subversion, Apache Server, Subclipse installation & configuration

November 24, 2014 1 comment


Ever wanted to have a code repository of your own? Either working on a small project or working with your friends on the next big thing, it would be great to have a repository where you can maintain your code, just as you would while working at your office. Lot of you might have been using version controls at workplaces such as CVS, VSS etc. Many will have an urge to maintain their homework using a version control mechanism. But is it all that easy? Well, it isn’t a one-go shot for a starter. Here is this post throwing light on how precisely to do that.

For beginners, probably the only thing relatable is the name of the version control alone, but how to get it, how to install it, how to configure it and then how to use it, will all be things to follow. There are many open-source free version controls available, do explore their features and chose the one best for you. This post though specifically guides your way through installing and configuring Subversion. Before reading the rest of the post, it would be helpful to get into a primer about subversion / subversion client / using subversion locally/ using subversion remotely etc. For a comprehensive look into subversion, read it hereSubversion  is a small and simple enough version control to run on a development machine to give a full-fledged source code control. You can get down and dirty by manually installing and configuring subversion like many others who have shed enough time doing it manually starting with downloading subversion here.


Manual Download/Installation/Configuration of subversion:

Here are the list of few links that should help get started with manually installing and configuring subversion:

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Learn To Build Beautiful HTML5 And CSS3 Websites In 1 Month

November 16, 2014 Leave a comment


I was recently going through Udemy (a good online tutoring website) and found this course titled “Learn To Build Beautiful HTML5 And CSS3 Websites In 1 Month” handy. The tutor is giving away the course worth 50$ for 5$ for a while. The following is what the tutor Ryan Bonhardt quotes:


Hello again and hope you’re enjoying the course! Almost all of our students from the first course have joined this second course which is awesome and I’m stoked that we’re at over 900 students. It’s incredible!

I have a favor… can you help me reach 1,000 students in the next 24 hours? It would put us at 1,000 students in the first 10 days! There’s only about 100 spots to go so I think it’s doable with your help.

Can you think of anyone that would want to take this course. If so I want to give you a BUDDY PASS to share with your friends. With this buddy pass they can get this $50 course for only $5.

Please share the link with your friends on facebook/twitter/email etc: I’ve enrolled in ‘Learn To Build Beautiful HTML5 and CSS3 Websites in 1 Month’ and so far its pretty awesome. I think you should too so we can do it together. You can enroll for only $5 (its usually $50) with the coupon ‘friendscodingwithfriends.’ Here’s the link:


Here is the link again: I am sure it will help those who want to get quickly started with website designing. There is also a free course from the tutor on HTML5 and CSS3 titled “Build Your First Website in 1 Week with HTML5 and CSS3” which on itself is a great quick start for designing websites of caliber.


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