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What is SpringSource Tool Suite (STS)?

SpringSource Tool Suite has been a much awaited release from Spring Source. Interface21 (builders of Spring Framework) had partnered with Tasktop Technologies (builders of Eclipse Mylyn) to develop Spring Tool Suite, with the goal of reducing complexity in Java development and maintenance.  Mylyn is an open source Eclipse project (task-focused UI for Eclipse that reduces information overload and makes multi-tasking easy) while Spring is a popular open source framework for enterprise Java.  Built on Eclipse and Mylyn, Spring Tool Suite simplifies the large aggregation of tools used to develop complex enterprise Java applications.

This suite includes Spring IDE, the AspectJ Development Tools (AJDT), AspectJ, and Mylyn to create a task-focused approach to the development of Spring-powered enterprise applications. When Integrated development environments (IDEs) are used for large enterprise applications, they flood developers with tens of thousands of artifacts, wasting productive time by forcing developers to constantly find and identify the information relevant to the task at hand. In addition, the enterprise developer’s IDE consists of many tools that do not provide a unified workflow. While the Spring Framework and Portfolio projects already integrate many key technologies at the framework and library level, there is currently no tool solution that provides Mylyn’s task focus, tool integration, and workflow streamlining benefits to enterprise application developers. Building on the existing success of Eclipse, Mylyn and Spring IDE, the Spring Tool Suite will simplify the complexity dramtically.


Spring Source Quotes: 

SpringSource Tool Suite™ (STS) provides the best Eclipse-powered development environment for building Spring-powered enterprise applications. STS includes tools for all of the latest enterprise Java and Spring based technologies as well as the most advanced tooling available for enterprise OSGi development. STS supports application targeting to local, virtual and cloud-based servers and provides built in support for SpringSource dm Server and tc Server. SpringSource Tool Suite is freely available for development and internal business operations use with no time limits.


What’s available in STS?

Spring Application Tools:

  • Spring project, bean and XML file wizards
  • Graphical Spring configuration editor
  • Spring 3.0 support including @Configuration and @Bean styles
  • Spring Web Flow and Spring Batch visual development tools
  • Spring Roo project wizard and development shell
  • Spring Application blue prints and best practice validation

Enterprise OSGi Development:

  • OSGi bundle overview and visual dependency graph
  • Classpath management based on OSGi meta data
  • Automatic generation of manifest dependency meta data
  • SpringSource Enterprise Bundle Repository browser
  • Manifest file validation and best practice recommendations

Flexible Deployment Targets:

  • Support for all the most common Java EE application servers
  • Advanced support for SpringSource dm Server
  • Advanced support for SpringSource tc Server
  • Cloud Foundry targeting for dm Server and tc Server
  • VMware Lab Manager and Workstation integration and deployment


From April 2009, SpringSource Tool Suite (STS) has been free to download. STS is built on top of the Eclipse technology stack, and it can be installed and used with Eclipse 3.5 as a plugin as well.






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