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Spring Framework Download & Installation: 


At the time of this post, the latest Spring Framework release available to download is Spring Framework 3.0.0.RC2, which is a development release. Previous releases are also available for download such as Spring Framework 2.5.6.SEC01 which is the current production release. All you have to do is navigate to http://www.springsource.org/download, chose and download the Spring Framework release that you want to work with.

Since our posts on Exploring Spring Framework will be based on Spring Framework 2.5 production release, we will see the download and instruction steps for this release. Steps should be the same no matter what release you chose.


Download Instructions:

1. Navigate to http://www.springsource.org/download site, here you can download the Spring Framework release from the Spring Downloads section:


spring download home


2. Once clicking on the download link, you will be presented with community / enterprise download of Spring Framework. Chose the community download option:




3. Once you click on the ‘Download Now’ option, you will be presented with registration information so that the Spring community can notify you of code releases, community newsletters and roadmap information. You can either chose to fill or not to by proceeding to download directly:



4. Once you click on the download page link, you will be presented with a list of downloads available in Spring community download category. Select ‘Latest GA release: 2.5.6.SEC01‘ and you will see 3 options to download from: spring-framework-2.5.6.SEC01-with-dependencies.zip (full distribution which includes Spring framework with its dependencies i.e., libraries that it needs to work, API etc), spring-framework-2.5.6.SEC01-with-docs.zip (Spring framework core with the documentation – API), or spring-framework-2.5.6.SEC01.zipwhich is just the Spring framework core. Even though the the full distribution is a much larger download, its better to download the one that comes with dependencies so that you won’t have to hunt down other JAR files that your application needs:



 5. Once you click on the ‘Latest GA release: 2.5.6.SEC01‘, you will get a download pop up, select the location on your computer to save the spring-framework-2.5.6.SEC01-with-dependencies.zip file:



6. That’s it! You have successfully downloaded Spring Framework. Unzip the zip file to a location on your computer, and exlpore the directory available. Its not a executable but more of a library so you don’t have to run anything here to install. Once you have downloaded the suitable Spring Framework and unzipped it, you are half way done with the procedure. All that is left is to configure the Spring Framework with your  favourite IDE, which will be covered in the next post.






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