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SpringSource Tool Suite Installation & Configuration


SpringSource Tool Suite(STS) Installation & Configuration:


At the time of this post, the latest version available form SpringSource is STS 2.2.1. Since its built on top of Eclipse (version 3.5 – Galileo), you will need to have Java installed on your computer. Refer to Eclipse IDE category posts for details on this part. It requires JDK 5 and higher and is supported on Windows, Mac & Linux operating systems so far. I will be posting ‘Exploring Spring Framework’ series developed using STS, so this is a starter post for it. Moreover, its worth trying such a comprehensive Spring development tool which has been made available for free recently.

As such downloading and installing STS is straight forward. All you have to do is to visit the SpringSource STS  site and follow the instructions. Yet, here is step-by-step instructions and other relative information for doing it. 


Follow the steps below to download & install STS:

  • Before downloading STS, make sure that your system meets these pre-requisites. As you can see, you need to have JDK 5 or higher installed in your system. [Refer to Java Installation & Configuration post for details].


  • If you are ready with above, then all you have to do is type http://www.springsource.com/products/sts in url and browse to the SpringSource tool suite download home page and click on the download link as shown below.


  • Once you click this link, you will be presented with a page where you have to register your details to download STS. You have to be sincere here, because I could not find any escape to skip this process and directly go to the download page so far.  Enter your details, check that you agree thier terms & condtions and click on the ‘download now’ button.



  • Once you click on the button, you will be presented with the download page with the download links and instructions for the download, features and other information. As you will see, STS is supported on various platforms, chose the one you need.



  • You can either download the .exe or .zip downloadable of STS. Both of them are easy to use. Click on the link based on your choice and save it to a location in your system. Follow the installation instructions provided in the site which you can see here below as well. 



  • If you have downloaded .exe, its just as any other installer. You can chose the location to install and STS installs there. But for .zip you have to be a bit careful while unzipping. So far winrar / winzip gave few errors while extracting but as recommended by SpringSource 7-Zip worked like a charm.



  • Once you have the installed / extracted folder. You will get a springsource folder with following folders in it. 



  • Browse to the sts-2.2.1 release and expand the folder, your folder structure should look something like this (minus the workspace folder). Here the sts.exe is the executable we will be using to run the SpringSource Tool Suite. Double click on this .exe and your STS should start just like eclipse does and will ask for the workspace location. Specify your location and enjoy STSing.. 


  • If you want to use our good old Eclipse, then yes you can do that as well by using the STS update plugin link that STS has provided in the same page. If you have any trouble updating this plugin into Eclipse, then refer to Spring Integration with Eclipse – SpringIDE. Not just for Eclipse, but we can use this link for checking STS updates once configured with STS in the same way as its done with Eclipse.


  • That’s it you are all done. STS has been successfully downloaded and installed on your computer. 



Note:  Refer to other posts in Spring Framework category for further knowledge.



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